Case Studies

CrossMedia Case Study

When convenience store retailer Kum N Go opened several new locations in the Midwest they sought a solution to increase awareness and drive traffic to the new stores.

Working with Garner and ad agency Strategic America, a CrossMedia campaign was put together consisting of:

  • Personalized direct mail pieces
  • Dynamic maps of the new stores for each potential customer
  • Personalized URL websites for each recipient
  • Variable coupons for discounts on a gas purchase

The results?  Kum N Go received an 11.7% response rate (a recipient visiting the new store) and a 96.5% conversion rate (a recipient registering on their personalized website).  Considering most direct mail averages a .5 – 2% response rate, Kum N Go was pleased with the results.

Not only was the campaign a success but Strategic America was able to use the survey data gathered for future promotions and customer feedback.

RR Donnelley Network

When Iowa-based Ag Leader Technology needed catalogues for an agricultural show in Paris they turned to Garner and the RR Donnelley network for a quick solution.  

Rather than print them here, we could save our client money on freight and duty taxes by producing them in Europe, closer to the end distribution point.  

Our facility in Prague (Czech Republic) printed the catalogues in two languages, bound them, inserted a CD into each booklet and coordinated shipment to the show in Paris.  

Garner even worked with another RR Donnelley company in Oregon to make proofs on equipment that’s color-calibrated to the presses in Prague to save time.